About Us

We are a family owned and run company out of north Texas. In fact, one of our employees is our 15 year old daughter who helped us build everything from our printers to the website!

We offer high quality shirts and gifts! Our methods of printing are both Direct-To-Garment printing and Screen Printing. Both methods are done according to what is needed. If there is a print for a photo or something with many different colors, then direct-to-garment is the way to go. Screen printing, we usually reserve for simple designs. However, this all depends on the amount of shirts needed. If only a few shirts are needed, then we use direct-to-garment. If a large order of a simple design, then we will use screen printing. Check out our pricing sheets for the minimums and how all of that works! Another advantage of the direct-to-garment printing, is we can customize every shirt you want. If you have a birthday party coming up and need 15 shirts, you can get each person’s name printed onto their shirt! This is great for family and class reunions as well!

We built our direct-to-garment printer ourselves. We started with an Epson R3000 Exhibition quality wide format printer. This printer prints museum quality prints and is the perfect printer to convert for direct-to-garment printing! We then took that printer, and completely dismantled it and added a kit to convert it to being able to print on garments. Right now we can print on garments such as onesies, shirts, and tanks. In the near future, we plan on offering printing on sleeves and pants/shorts.

We are growing and adding new things every day! We add new products almost daily! We can print on any color garment! So stay tuned for lots more choices! And remember, if there is any design that you want on a different type of shirt, feel free to contact us! You can also request certain colors or anything else you could want! Feel free to email me for any special requests or ideas!